get ready to get your blood pumping

You never know what you can achieve

Challenge yourself to take part in an event and you'll be amazed what you can achieve. You'll do something even more important than getting in good shape by helping the Leukaemia Foundation support families facing the toughest challenge of all - blood cancer. Every day the Leukaemia Foundation team is there to support people on their blood cancer journey. Our team will also be there to help you every step of the way to the finish line.

Fundraising is easier than you think!

You can’t get to your goal without the support of those around you. There are lots of people you can ask, so think of everyone you know: family, friends, club members, workmates, clients, customers, other stores or departments and suppliers. Raise $250 and we'll send you a free running shirt so you look the part on the day! If you need help call us now on 1800 500 088.

Don’t be shy

Most people raise much more than they think once they get going! A lot of people wouldn’t dream of putting their bodies out there for a challenge event like you have, they will happy to support you all you have to do is ask.

Tell your story

The decision to sign up for a challenge event is never an easy one. You might be in remission or held someone’s hand on their blood cancer journey. Or you might simply want to do something good for someone who needs you. No matter what your story is tell it to everyone you can, whenever you can.

Go online

Send emails, SMSs and post on Facebook asking for sponsorship. All your messages include a link to your Profile Page, so people can sponsor you with their credit card – they get an email receipt straight away – easy! A picture says a 1,000 words so include photos of training and the run when asking for support.

Double your money!

It really motivates everyone at work if they know the boss will double what they donate to your challenge! Check to see if the company you work for runs a dollar matching scheme and make sure you apply for a share. Let us know if your company will dollar match – talk to your staff contact, there may be paperwork we can help you with.

Want to get your blood pumping?

Let’s get from here to the finish line together

We can help you cross that finishing line with so much to celebrate – pride in your own achievement and the incredible feeling of helping families facing the challenge of blood cancer.

Get your blood pumping

There are heaps of events to choose from, pick one that suits you

Get ready

We’ll be here to help you reach your fitness and fundraising goals

Where the money goes

Be inspired by doing something great for yourself and for others